Unique Empowerment and Employment Initiative Foundation (UEEIF) is a youth development initiative born out of the aspirations to prepare the youth for the future, empower them to become more economically active, be developmental champions within their communities and contribute greatly to the socioeconomic advancement of the country. The philosophy of UEEIF is derived from the urgency to solve youth unemployment, marginalization, skills shortage, lack of empowerment platforms, networks, and resources that young people need to impact their communities, fully realize their goals and dreams and at the same time contributing to the country’s sustainable development. A priority focus for UEEIF is entrepreneurship development, capacity building and rural development. Furthermore, UEEIF promote transformational learning and leadership with robust curricula that use holistic, interactive, experiential education to equip and motivate young people to take on greater roles of development and employment creation. UEEIF is fully registered as a youth organisation and fully incorporated as a section 21 company (association not for gain).


The mission of the organisation is to provide and advocate for economic empowerment and employment opportunities to the youth and society through entrepreneurship and income generating initiatives.


The vision is to create a self-sustaining generation of youth.

Core Values

  • People centered
  • Exceptional leadership
  • Integrity and honesty in all our dealings
  • Promotion of Innovation
  • Accountability and Transparency